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      Full Love Inn allocation of rooms are available in many styles for you to include, Circle Bed Room - vibrant active in every sense, Thai Style - to clear with a raised ceiling and comfortable, Contemporary Style - comes with a large bathtub with hot water. Feel comfortable and private, Mirror Roomexciting and humorous to the design of the room and the last one, Colorful Style - You are filled with full color beautiful feeling of fun and engaging.
      Full Love Inn, located at Soi Bongkot, Pattaya Sai 3. Visit us if you want to experience the ultimate impressions from clean and carefully decorated rooms and impression customer services.
      Full Love Inn located in the middle of the sleepless Pattaya city. Convenient to reach department stores, restaurants, and entertainment complex nearby the hotel such as Tuxedo Magic, Bottle Museum, Tiffany, Alcaza, Differ, Sanctuaryoftruth and Mini Siam.
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